The Color of Food

Those of you that know me know that I really love to talk about food and racial and economic justice.  And I don’t just love to talk about it, I like to read about it, research it, and find other people that are exploring these topics as well.  I recently stumbled upon a great blog – Brown.Girl.Farming. by Natasha Bowens.  I came across it from a series of articles she wrote on Grist called the Color of Food.  And then through that I stumbled upon a recently released report, also called the Color of Food by Yvonne Yen Liu and Dominique Apollon and the Applied Research Center.  So, if like me, you are also interested in the connections between racism, racial justice and our food, there’s some great reading for you.  Or, if you are reading this and thinking “what are the connections between racism and my food??”, well, then here’s some good reading to get those wheels turning.  And if you need more reading, or different reading, WHY Hunger has a whole resource page to chose from!

And while I’m very excited to people of color writing and blogging and exploring these issues, and I’ve met some great folks from the Detroit Black Food Security Network that are really diving into these issues head-on in their community, I would love to see more white people speaking up about these issues.  If we’re not all engaged in the conversation, we won’t be able to make the change we need!