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To find out more about the Hunger-Free & Healthy Project please contact:

Liz Sheehan Castro

Project Manager


484 Main St. Suite 300 (United Way)
Worcester, MA 01608

2 Responses

  1. Hi There,

    I just saw a notice for the wonderful Farm Bill event that you are helping to host in Worcester.
    I won’t be able to make it, but am interested if you are planning on doing other events in the Boston\Cambridge area.

    I’m organizing a group of local Boston folks to discuss, and eventually present, on the Farm Bill and would love to see an event similar to the one in Wocester take place in my neck of the woods.

    Any ideas how that might happen?

    -Drew Love

    • Hi Drew, Glad you saw the notice and that you’re interested in having something similar in your community. We won’t be organizing anything outside of Worcester, but I encourage you to connect with your Congress person and let them know that the Farm Bill is important to you, even if he/she isn’t on the House Ag Committee (McGovern is the only MA rep that is). Also, check out other organizations that may be open to helping you host an event – perhaps Boston Collaborative for Food & Fitness, the Food Project, or I’m sure you know of many others. I know Boston has a Food Council, and I think Cambridge has a Food & Fitness Policy Council. There’s lots of interest in the Farm Bill sprouting up everywhere! Good luck!

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