History of Hunger-Free & Healthy
The project was planned in 2007.  In 2008 a project was piloted in a low-income census tract – zip code 01610.  The pilot project included GED classes, weekly deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking classes, a farmer’s market in the community, and SNAP/Food Stamp outreach training for hospitals and health centers.

During 2009 the cooking classes, the Main South Farmer’s Market, and SNAP/Food Stamp Outreach were continued and expanded.  In addition, school food has become a focus for the committee.  Schools with over 80% Free and Reduced Lunch were targeted for increased participation in school breakfast by implementing a universal breakfast after-the-bell, in the classroom.  In addition, an educational garden was built in collaboration with Worcester Public Schools and is being utilized by the Adult Learning Center.

A Healthy Corner Store project is in the planning phase, with the hope of increasing the access to affordable produce in various communities.  Policy to support nutritious school meals, the ability of farmers to bid on school food contracts, and the formation of a Massachusetts Policy Council have also been strongly supported by Hunger-Free & Healthy.

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